Vienna's English Theatre

One Tuesday in May 2019 the students of the 3rd and the 4th year of the VMS Frastanz went to the English Theatre in Feldkirch to see the play “The Little Prince” which was very exciting.
I think all of you know the Little Prince, but we saw a special version of the story performed by actors of Vienna’s English Theatre. The play is about a boy from the asteroid B612. On his asteroid there is a rose and he loves her very much. Unfortunately, she is very self-confident and conceited. That´s why he is looking for a real best friend and travels through the universe. At last, he comes to the earth. In the original version he finds many roses and he is very sad, because the rose had told him she was the only one. But in the play we saw, he meets a pilot who has crash landed with his plane in the desert.
It was very interesting even though I wasn´t able to understand everything they said.

By Simeon 3b