From 29.09. 2019 to the 04.09.2019 we made a language trip to London/Greenwich. There were 10 students and our teachers Mrs. Theurl and Mrs. Thurnwalder.

Aileen and I stayed with a hostmother whose name is Sahra Kahn. By the way, she is beautiful and nice.

How we spent the week:

Day one: First of all, after the arrival, we did a tour of Greenwich. Later in the evening we went to our hostfamily. For dinner we ate rice with vegetables and it was very delicious.

Day two: We first had to drive one hour by bus to the Forum, our school.

After school we passed the River Thames walking through a tunnel. Then we went to Trafalgar Square where we took a bus and made a hop on - hop off - tour.

Later we went to a small market in Greenwich and we ate delicious ice rolls. Half an hour later we went to Starbuck´s.

Day three: We did a boat tour along the River Thames from Westminster to Tower Bridge. After that we spent some time in Covent Garden before we visited Madame Tussaud‘s. Some time later we went shopping in Oxford Street.

Day four: We went to Brighton to the seafront. We had delicious fish and chips there and we visited Sealife where we saw a lot of fish species.

Day five: After school we went to Buckingham Palace and walked through Green Park and St James‘ Park, where we had a delicious ice cream.

Day six: After school we went to the London Eye. Unfortunately without Aileen, because she got sick the day before. Then we went bowling which was so cool.

Day seven: We were all were sad because we had to go home.

We spent a really good time in London/Greenwich and all of us will never forget the time there. Thanks a lot to our teachers!

(Michelle & Aileen)



Our school trip to London/Greenwich lasted from the 29th of August to the 4th of September. We were there with ten students and two teachers. In Greenwich I stayed with my friend Jakob with a host family.

As soon as we had arrived in Greenwich we went sightseeing and saw the Greenwich Market, the Queen´s House and the zero-meridian. On the 2nd day first we went to school, then to London City, to Trafalgar Square and from there we had a bus ride through London. After that we walked across the Tower Bridge. On the 3rd day after the Boat tour from Westminster to the Tower Bridge we visited Madame Tussaud`s. We took lots of pictures with popular people like James Bond, Donald Trump, the Queens family, Pelé, Barack Obama and so on. Our teachers, Mrs. Theurl and Mrs. Thurnwalder, asked us if we wanted to go to Brighton to the sea and all the students wanted to go there. So on the 5th day we went to Brighton by train. The sea was so beautiful. We also were in the Sealife where we saw lots of colourful fish and lots of sharks. We ate fish and chips. That was the best I have ever eaten! On the last day it was my birthday and in the morning we ate my birthday cake at school. In the afternoon we went to the London Eye. The London Eye was so big and it was very nice, because we had a beautiful view on top. In the evening we were in the Bowling Center in Lewisham. I’ll always remember this very special birthday!.

The next day we flew back to Austria. I recommend you to go there because it was a very nice trip to London.




On Thursday,29th of August we met at school and some parents gave us a lift to Memmingen Airport.

We flew to Stansted Airport. A shuttle bus took us to school at Greenwich. There a guide showed us Greenwich with the Queen’s House, the market and the Observatory with the zero meridian. There we took some pictures. At the market we bought fish and chips. They were very delicious. In the evening our host families took us to their houses.

The second day we went to school. After school we walked to Trafalgar Square and took a ride on the hop on and off bus. We could listen to the history of London with headphones. It was just great. We saw the Tower Bridge the Tower of London and a building called „The Shard“ which is made of glass and metal.

On Saturday we made a boat trip on the river Thames, and then we visited Madame Tussaud‘s. That was really cool because the wax figures looked like real persons.

The next day we went to Brighton by train. We walked along the Pier and we visited Sealife. The beach there was nice. We got very hungry and ordered fish and chips in a very good restaurant.

On Monday morning we went to school and after school we went by underground to Greenpark and St. James‘ Park. St. James‘ Park was very beautiful, because there was a little lake in the middle. We also saw Buckingham Palace. The guards there were very funny with their big hats.

Tuesday was the last day at school. We took a ride on the London Eye. There we had a great view from the top. We organized a surprise birthday party in the Bowling Center in Lewisham, because it was Eren’s 14th birthday. We had great fun there.

On Wednesday we flew back to Memmingen.